Sunday, October 7, 2012

Garlic Nots

Tonight's experiment was little garlic bites.  B was not pleased with the outcome but I have to disagree, seeing as I'm up to about my 10th helping. M & I got back from a walk in the cool, overcast weather with the leaves dropping on our heads & the house smelled amazing - just like fall. Along with these bites, B made baked cinnamon and clove apples and acorn squash stuffed with ground sausage, rice & carrots (and some other deliciousness).

I'll share the stuffed acorn squash recipe courtesy of Alton Brown, since B says the garlic bites are not share-worthy.

Here's where the knots went not:  The taste was wonderful, but they were a little crackery on the outside. That just means I have to get in my fill tonight, as they'll probably taste pretty dry tomorrow. He says he should've cooked for a much shorter time at a higher heat, for a softer crust. He started at 400 & went down to 350 too quickly.

Thank you to BN for getting me back on the bread blogging bus. It's been many months and breads since I've shared. Check out her awesome blog here:

Pastry cutter
Brushing on olive oil + garlic

Acorn squash with garlic bites

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